Couples Massage

//Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Chutima Therapy Brighton really does pride ourselves on providing a first class service, we want all our customers leaving either speechless from such a wonderful treatment or eagerly asking to book their next session.

Time and time again we are told that our downstairs treatment room is one of the most beautiful, tranquil treatment rooms in Brighton or even the S.E.England but we are also told we are not maximizing turnover by having such a large room with en-suite changing room and washroom.

Our vision is to keep the huge room and not section it off so all our couples truly appreciate their therapy in a spacious room. Profit is not our first goal, yes of course we need to be profitable but not at the expense of reducing our service and size of our treatment areas. Take a look…the therapy room is over 40sqm!!

Within the next few months we will be adding a second therapy room in our retail area for individual customers to have treatments from our list of services or create their own bespoke treatment. This additional therapy area will also be perfect for our customers to try out our cosmetic ranges with ‘mini massages and pampering sessions’.

We will keep you posted on all the exciting developments happening at Chutima Therapy Brighton.

Sawasdee Krup.

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  1. Sydney August 2, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    This is exactly what we need!

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